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Greg Cooke is an endurance coach and a certified personal trainer, and enjoys working with clientele with varying goals and backgrounds.

His services are flexible, for those who have the drive to workout on their own, he offers online coaching so that they can work out on their own with a tailored plan and schedule to fit their short and long-term goals.

Greg Cooke

He admits, it can be hard to find the motivation to push yourself, and that is where he comes in and offers one on one coaching.

I’ll be there to inspire you throughout every session, it won’t be here is your workout go do it., he says.

It will be; you come and see me and we will do this together. Whether it is going for a swim, or doing treadmill work, I will be there pushing you all the way.

A 2018 nominee for top trainer, Greg says his passion is what fuels his success. It is probably the difference between me and many other coaches. A lot of coaches do it for the job, I do it for the passion and the sport. I do it to show people that they can get results, that they can actually do more than they think they can.

Greg, and has early memories of skiing, backpacking and scoring goals in hockey games and sporting grass stains from soccer games growing up. He went on to coach baseball and soccer sharing his love and knowledge of sport.

I’ve always been somebody who loves to teach, whether it is teaching first aid or whether it is teaching apprentices how to do something for the first time, I love to see people excel and I love to see people have those ‘ah-ha’ moments, is really what it is.

I have those ‘ah-ha’ moments with some of my clients, where I say, ‘Wow, you did that; You finally did that. That makes me feel great.

Although he always led an active life, Greg’s obsession with triathlons didn’t bloom until later in life. After the passing of a close cousin, whom had competed in many triathlons, Greg signed up and completed his first in honor of his late cousin. First bite, and he was hooked.

Now, one of his main philosophies is that it’s never too late, and encourages everyone to pursue their goals whether they you are new to running, swimming, or biking or are training for your third Ironman.

He advises,no matter what your experience level, you want to make sure that you have all the tools that you can have to work with. So that you don’t feel overwhelmed, we will start out slow and you can progress gradually and have positive results.

Even for those who have been around the block, Greg says old dogs can still learn new tricks. “As coaches, we have ability to guide somebody in a new direction, if they are stagnant. So, when someone says, ‘oh, I don’t know if I can get any faster,’ let’s take a look at what you have been doing, and let’s find a way to get you there. There is always hope and a new route to go beyond where you think you can go.

Greg admits, “Even coaches need coaches, we can’t do it all ourselves.”